Behind J2’s remarkable success stands a tightly knit team.

Since its creation in 2008, the company has used its vast expertise in supply-chain optimization to create added value for Québec companies. Combining a creative spark and innovative ideas with a multi-talented workforce, J2 gives its customers sterling service, improving their competitiveness.

The prime objective of the company, which grew out of the vision of aeronautics expert Réal Julien, is to maximize the efficiency of its customers’ purchasing departments. Vital to this success is its team of highly motivated employees.

Read on to discover how, in little over a decade, J2 has become a leader in its field, helping its partners make substantial gains.

Spirit of collaboration

The J2 team’s impressive skills are what moved former customer Josée Girard to join the team:

“Doing business with them in 2008, I quickly realized that they had a very thorough knowledge of our market and our customers, and that they had a wide base of suppliers I was not aware of. Our objectives were exceeded very quickly!”  

The secret of success is a cohesive team. At J2, there is no rivalry:  team members pool their strengths rather than compete against each other. The spirit of mutual help that characterizes the company is deployed in the service of its customers, who can rely on a broad, constantly developing expertise.

Balance as the foundation of work

One of the factors that makes J2 an ideal employer is the profound respect that permeates the company. The flexibility of the working environment offered to employees testifies to this respect.

The company quickly understood that its people are the very heart of the organization. So it comes as no surprise that J2 has a record of 10 years of good relations – both with its customers and with its employees.

Vision of the future

In the early 2000s, while working for Bombardier Aerospace, Réal Julien realized that businesses had a huge and growing need for procurement consulting firms.

In his words, “I saw a pressing need. There were many firms offering project management, production optimization or engineering services, but nobody was paying attention to purchasing departments. So I started thinking about the best possible concept to manage companies’ supply chains efficiently.” A few short years later, this concept gave birth to J2.

But how has the company grown from a single employee (Réal Julien) to over 40 in the space of 10 years?

In the minds of the team, there is no doubt: it’s all down to the relational approach. The firm’s expertise allows it to support the organizations it does business with, making them competitive. Julien’s vision has become reality, providing an answer to the needs of SMEs.

Ongoing development

Another factor underlying J2’s successful decade has been the development of its employees’ skills: the team pays special attention to ongoing training. Employees can further their skills and knowledge through “orange zones,” monthly training meetings.

This ardent desire to improve is what has made the company the leader in procurement management, playing a vital part in the growth of the SME purchasing sector!

Status quo? Not an option

J2’s strategic procurement-management vision, unrivalled customer service and highly skilled employees have put the firm in an enviable position: that of a strongly growing company.

More than just a consulting firm, the company has become an essential partner. One of the keys of its success has been the determination never to lose sight of the customer’s needs.

Employees are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring their customers added value. This drive for excellence is what has led to the most innovative ideas.

For the entire J2 team, the status quo is not an option. And at the end of each mandate, the same question is asked: what has been done to establish the company as a leader in its field? Self-scrutiny is a wonderful stimulus for innovation.

In this period of a labour shortage, it is easy to see that J2 has developed a winning recipe for holding onto its most valuable assets!