The construction industry has always represented a fine development opportunity for J2 – a fact confirmed by the recent decision of Groupe Loiselle to award J2 a first mandate to help the company improve its supply chain. Procurement represents close to 75% of Groupe Loiselle’s total expenditure. In addition, meeting delivery deadlines is of vital importance in a field where schedules are critical for their clientele. A review of the procurement chain was therefore of pressing importance.

J2 will carry out a thorough diagnosis of Groupe Loiselle’s supply chain. In short, this mandate will involve in-depth analysis of the current purchasing function to enable J2 to make recommendations for improvement.

J2, a supply chain management consulting firm, has wide-ranging experience in purchasing management. “We are certain that our involvement will enable Groupe Loiselle to set up purchasing processes that will optimize its operations and reduce its costs,” said Mr. Julien, J2 President.


— January 15, 2015