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Are Québec SMEs’ supply chains doing their job?

Consulting firm J2, in collaboration with Supply Chain Canada, will be conducting a huge survey over the coming weeks to assess the condition and maturity of supply chains

The pandemic has highlighted the supply chain’s importance for all Québec SMEs – and, in many cases, its fragility. So how does an SME set about securing its supply chain? How can it tell if its practices are satisfactory or if, on the contrary, its supply chain lacks “maturity”?

In order to provide SMEs with benchmarks based on the reality in Québec, J2 Procurement Management, working with Supply Chain Canada, will survey a very large sample of businesses.

“In Québec, no large-scale study of supply chains has been conducted. The only studies available have been produced by major firms who survey large multinational corporations on the world stage. To what extent do these apply to Québec SMEs? We don’t know,” said Réal Julien, J2 president and CEO. “With this survey, we want to give them a basis for comparison that reflects the reality here.”

The objective: help Québec SMEs assess the state of their supply chain and become aware of its impact in their organization. The survey is aimed at evaluating three key aspects: the state of the workforce, the maturity of the supply chain, and current and future challenges.

Mr. Julien added: “Of course, the supply chain is not the heart of a business. But it is the pancreas, or liver: if it does not work well, neither will your business. The way in which you structure your supply chain will have a big impact on its performance, and the performance of your business. If procurement is relegated to a secondary or peripheral activity, or if you see it as a task to be dealt with when everything else has been taken care of, your business will suffer greatly.”

The survey questionnaire will be available in mid-November and the results will be presented jointly with  Supply Chain Canada in early 2022, expects Réal Julien, who hopes to conduct this survey annually to track the evolution of Québec SMEs’ supply chains.