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What is J2 Compas?

Your procurement chain explained.

Want to find out how your organization’s purchasing department is doing? Understand its performance with Compas J2. You can then act on opportunities for real improvement.

Compas J2 is a powerful measuring tool that you can use to gauge how your procurement chain is viewed by your internal and external environment. It is a global study, assessing the perception of your suppliers, your internal customers, your senior management and your purchasing department itself.

A simple process

  • Minimal involvement on your part;
  • Sampling analyzed to ensure validity of results;
  • Response rate optimized through targeted communication;
  • A clear, accurate report backed by graphical data;
  • A clear vision of how your ecosystem is perceived.

That lets you

  • Obtain a descriptive, information-rich analysis of perception;
  • Orient your supplier strategy based on accurate information;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement with the greatest impact on your customer-supplier relations;
  • Gain an accurate understanding of how your company’s purchasing department performs.

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3 simple steps to understanding your supply chain


Ask for Compas J2

Just fill out this simple form, or call us at 450.332.9826, stating your interest in Compas J2. A member of our team will get back to you promptly.


We will analyze your environment and gather information

This quite straightforward information gathering process will let you launch a survey, customized for your ecosystem, so that you can assess the perception of groups that deal with your purchasing department.


Your supply chain explained

Using the survey report you will receive, you will be able to identify and even discover opportunities for improvement that you were unaware of.

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For companies with a limited pool of qualified employees, J2 can make all the difference by deploying its resources very rapidly. Their knowhow and expertise will prove invaluable in helping you implement your purchasing or supply chain management projects.


Are your employees devoting precious time to making general purchases when they could be focusing on activities that are much more profitable for your business? Have you considered outsourcing this function?

Consulting & training

Whether you want to develop the skills of your purchasing teams, optimize your procurement processes or provide you with a sourcing strategy, J2 will help you.

Compas J2

Compas J2 is a powerful measuring tool that you can use to gauge how your purchasing function is viewed by your suppliers, your internal customers, your senior management — and of your purchasing department itself.