For much of manufacturing industry in Québec, purchasing management remains a little-known option. Some executives continue to think that there is no need to set up a purchasing department, particularly if they have only one supplier. Managing purchases may seem like a simple task to handle as part of everyday operations.

But when you look closer, procurement turns out to be a much more complex task than it first appears — and one that can bring significant dividends when managed expertly. And you can benefit from this expert attention even if you have no resources inside your organization. You can outsource your purchases or bring in expertise through insourcing.

J2’s purchasing consultant, Geneviève Gagnon, spells out 3 good reasons to call on purchasing management expertise.


1. Purchasing management means meticulous order tracking


A purchasing expert makes sure that all your orders arrive on time and meet the needs of production. Your business’ procurement process will thus run smoothly. Ironically,  it is when everything is running well that managers may question whether the services of a purchasing expert are really necessary.

When things are going well, people tend to forget about us. But when there are procurement glitches, that’s when the value of our work becomes clear. Organizations realize the importance of the role we play in making sure that everything comes in at the right time and with the right quality.”

— Geneviève Gagnon


2. Purchasing management brings innovative new procedures


It can be an unsettling experience when a specialized purchasing consultant questions your business’ way of working.  But changes to certain apparently trivial details can bring many benefits:

  • Improving product quality and durability
  • Making savings
  • Negotiating better contracts
  • Discovering more efficient suppliers
  • Using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to optimize your procurement


In addition, Geneviève Gagnon points out that purchasing management experts have a wide range of tools — and a wide network of contacts — at their disposal:

Over the years, we have seen many kinds of varied processes, and this enables us to put new ideas on the table when working with customers. Rather like having a bag full of tools and being able to take out exactly the right ones to suit the present need. And if we are lacking anything, we can count on our colleagues to provide it. This is what we do on a daily basis at J2.”

And being able to count on consultants specializing in a variety of fields broadens the resource mix! Experts raise questions that may be uncomfortable to hear, but are often necessary, because they can lead to valuable improvements in the customer’s environment.


3. Purchasing management helps you broaden your horizons

With purchasing management, you can get off the beaten track and benefit from new sources, both in Québec and internationally.

The technological upheavals of recent times have made the entire world accessible. Forty years ago, who could have imagined the ease with which we can talk and exchange ideas? This is what purchasing experts can offer you. They are constantly seeking out new possibilities and new suppliers. Aiming for operational excellence is in their DNA, as is offering you a range of options for your purchases.  

The softening of borders has opened up infinite possibilities for collaboration, both inside the country and outside, without any compromise regarding quality. Broadening the range of products available to your business is also a good way to reduce expenses.


J2: a consulting firm that looks further ahead — and further afield — for your procurement

J2’s purchasing specialists are always hungry for innovation and new processes. They love to meet and talk about their good practices, always striving to do better.

Take advantage of this strike force to firmly anchor your processes, optimize all your purchases and boost your organizational efficiency.

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