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For companies with a limited pool of qualified employees, J2 can make all the difference by supplying resources to work with you “in house,” on your premises. We can deploy our people very rapidly and their knowhow and expertise will prove invaluable in helping you implement your purchasing or supply chain management projects.


Are your employees devoting precious time to making general purchases? Let them focus on activities that are much more profitable for your business while we handle everything else from J2’s offices. We can even take care of paying your suppliers!

Consulting & training

Whether you are seeking to extend the skills of your purchasing teams, optimize your procurement process, or develop a sourcing strategy, J2 is here to help you.

Compas J2 service

Compas J2 is a powerful measuring tool that you can use to gauge how your purchasing function is viewed by your suppliers, your internal customers, your senior management — and of your purchasing department itself.

About J2

Procurement management specialists in Montreal

J2 procurement management inc. is a consulting firm specializing in providing innovative supply chain management solutions to manufacturing customers. Through our insourcing and outsourcing, and training & coaching services, we fulfil our mission to optimize our customers’ supply chain performance and gain them a competitive edge.

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In an ever more competitive market subject to strong fluctuations, J2 steps in to give companies access to the resources they need at the time they need them. As a strategic partner in their projects, J2 is aware of companies’ growing need for qualified resources – a scare commodity these days. J2’s mission is to find and deploy key resources with experience in their field of activities, thereby providing sound management of their customers’ supply chain and purchasing department.

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